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Mythic contraptions, Reanimated Corpses, and Psychic Duels.

Discuss the science of Pure Steam here; armatures, contraptions, schematics, vehicles, and technological devices.

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Post Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:07 pm

Mythic contraptions, Reanimated Corpses, and Psychic Duels.

Okay so I am putting all of these in the same thread to not throw up a bunch of new things at once. But my first question would be, is there a Mythic option for Gearheads and contraption users in the works? As it stands right now the best you can do is jury-rig a work around with one of the other mythic tiers.

Second questions, when the Occult Adventure books came out, they came out with Psychic Duel mechanics. This would put Gearheads at a considerable disadvantage do to the fact that their contraptions are nonmagical, and powered by physical fuel, meaning you couldn't gather MP from them. This would be like how Alchemist can't draw power from extracts they have prepared since the power is now no longer inside of them. But I was wondering if there were any plans to make a special Innovation to overcome this limitation, or in general give them options that make sense to be able to be used in a mindscape? Ectoplasmic Frequency contraptions or something similar to it could possibly work, Maybe something like an Astral Frequency contraption?

Third Question (edited this part on) Reanimated Dead can be created fairly easily all things considered, is the price for Alchemical Reagents per HD, or is it static (meaning a Human zombie would cost as much a dragon to reanimate). Also is there a cap to the am\mount of reanimated corpses you can control? I'd imagine the normal cap for how many HD for undead, simply because after that it becomes too much to manage or something.

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Post Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:00 pm

Re: Mythic contraptions, Reanimated Corpses, and Psychic Due

Hello Lordplum,

To answer question 1 and 2, no not currently.

For 3, per HD would certainly balance larger undead creatures, so go with that. For all intents and purpose, treat reanimated corpses the same as traditional zombies.
Brennan Ashby
Pure Steam™ Lead Game Designer

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